Design: Steen Østergaard

The absolute best in recliner chairs

BETA is for the discerning individual who wants the absolute best seating comfort and functionality. The advanced motors and control are largely silent and hidden in a beautiful and timeless design.
nielaus beta hvilestol

H: 112 cm

W: 79 cm

D: 82 – 167 cm


Frame | Molded foam on steel construction


70-stainless brushed steel
90-black powder coated

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Wool | Chenille, velor, polyester | Cotton, linen | Mix | Structure

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Semi-aniline | Aniline | Vintage Honed Aniline | Nubuck

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Virtually endless possibilities for optimal sitting comfort.

Any sitting position on the backrest, neck and foot support can be adjusted independently, providing the best relaxation for the whole body. BETA are simply recliner chairs that others dream of sitting in.

How to achieve optimal seating comfort: Using the remote control, the backrest and footrest can be adjusted independently, and the headrest can be adjusted manually.

Uncompromising choice of materials and processing, in the absolute best quality.

BETA - quality in every detail

  • Ergonomic design with molded foam cushions.
  • The armrests follow the back synchronously, while the back and seat can be adjusted individually for optimal sitting comfort.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Silent motor with electronic actuator and control panel in absolute best quality.
  • Built-in battery for charging approx. every month.
  • Bronze bearings that provide smooth and completely silent movement and last the entire long life of the chair.
  • 360 degree rotation function.
  • Choice of base solution - see model variants.
  • Possibility of lumbar cushion in the back.
  • Leather from European bull hides in the absolute best quality or almost indestructible microfiber cover.

A little about designer Steen Østergaard

In 1957, Østergaard started his education as a furniture architect at the School of Art & Craft in Copenhagen - and achieved the highest honor and degree at the school. Østergaard has won many first places in furniture design competitions, including: 500 year anniversary of Danish upholstery. He was also chosen as the "designer" of "THE FURNITURE OF FUTURE" in 1966. In the period between 1962-1966, he was employed by "Finn Juhl" and in 1970-75 he worked for "Poul Cadovius - CADO". At the same time, he also started his own studio in 1966. For Steen Østergaard, it is incredibly important to combine aesthetic design with the human body, where you are always sitting ergonomically and comfortably in his furniture. In 1986 he moved with his family to England and later to Flensburg, Germany. Today he lives in the south of France, where he is still active as a designer and always has new ideas on the drawing board.