Materials & upholstery

Best quality in wool, velor, microfibre, aniline leather, nubuck leather and exquisite woods

Many types of furniture fabrics

The choice of fabric has a great influence on the aesthetics, comfort, appearance and durability of the furniture. We give advice on the advantages of the individual fabric types, so that you will always get a piece of furniture that suits your needs and which will also look beautiful for many years to come. Our furniture fabrics are lightfast, and many of the furniture fabrics are also natural materials and eco-labelled.

See our large selection of furniture fabrics in the best quality:

Leather, aniline and nubuck in the best quality

Leather is available in several variants and with different expressions, but common to all our leather types is that they are processed without the use of dangerous chemicals. At the same time, we have an extensive quality control of each piece of leather, which ensures uniformity and a very high quality and comfort.
See our large selection of leather in the best quality:

Wood, aluminium, etc

Our furniture have legs in various selected types of wood such as beech and oak in various finishes such as soap-treated, lacquered, oil-treated, stained and varnished. Our metal legs are available in aluminum and chrome and also as lacquered, polished or matt.

Under each type of furniture you can see which options for wood, aluminium, etc. we offer.


Upholstery in several layers creates shape and comfort for even the most discerning user. At Nielaus, we only use the absolute best materials for upholstery, and with more than 50 years of craftsmanship experience, we can shape cushions, seats and backs that will remain beautiful for many years to come, and which provide unparalleled seating comfort.
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