AV 53 sofa

AV 53 Sofa

Danish furniture design at its best and most beautiful. Model AV 53 was designed by the renowned Danish furniture architect Arne Vodder in 1953.

koddi sofa


A stylish and modern sofa with a strong design and soft waves. The Koddi sofa is designed as a contrast between a distinctively designed frame and large soft cushions.

Havana sofa


Havana is designed with inspiration from our characteristic and classic "Handy Sofa System". The sofa series is adapted in modern dimensions, and the combination with the large inviting arm cushions gives a nice lounge look.

koddi sofa

Handy - Design your own luxurious dream sofa

Timeless Danish design, good seating comfort and a myriad of variation options make model Handy a unique piece of furniture.

AV 59 sofa

AV 59

Furniture architect Arne Vodder designed this sofa series in 1959. A design, created more than 50 years ago, but which is still just as current and modern today

TAB sofa


Innovative design sofa in a attractive lounge style. TAB sofa is suitable as free-standing furniture - especially for lounge areas.

london Sofa


Classic elegance, good seating comfort and timeless design are key points for model London

Scala Sofa


Model Scala combines a modern look with classic design elements from Danish furniture craftsmanship



A Sofa with a simple and light design

Snoopy 2 sofa

Snoopy II

Sofa with a simple and light design

AH 70 Sofa

AH 70

Classic and elegant is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this sofa series.