When only the best is good enough

Nielaus has developed a furniture series that is not just furniture you sit in - it is furniture you live with. To achieve that goal, nothing must be left to chance, neither in material selection nor in the manufacturing process. Our consistent focus on quality and design, combined with the best Danish craft traditions, carried out by seamstresses, joiners and furniture upholsterers, results in a unique piece of furniture where you can enjoy the good craftsmanship and beautiful design every day. Visit one of our dealers, get a personal demonstration and experience genuine 100% Danish Nielaus quality. Made to please, made to last.

Our history

It all began back in 1959, when Jeki Møbler A/S was founded as a furniture upholstery factory. In 1973, two employees from Jeki Møbler decide to start their own company and found the company Nielaus Møbler ApS. The company's distinctive name, Nielaus, is immediately associated by many with the German language, but in reality it is just parts of the founders' surnames, Nielsen and Lauersen, which have been put together to form a unique word.

In 1981, the current owners took over the company, and in 1998, Nielaus Møbler ApS and Jeki Møbler A/S were merged. A few years later, it was decided to market the entire collection under the Nielaus brand. The story of Nielaus Møbler is the story of a number of small furniture factories, which over time become one - e.g. Jeki Møbler, Lindebjerg Møbelfabrik, Holstebro Møbelfabrik and AP Dreamseat. All of them have a part in the company's history, in its proud design and craftsmanship traditions and in the high quality that Nielaus stands for today.

The company employs approx. 30 employees, all of whom interpret the Nielaus culture and the history of furniture manufacturing in an elegant way.

Nielaus is a Scandinavian design brand with a long history

Our design philosophy

At Nielaus, we take pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality furniture. The core of the Nielaus design is, on the one hand, some of Denmark's foremost architects and designers, who have designed and developed our collection, and on the other hand, our skilled craftsmen, e.g. seamstresses, joiners and furniture upholsterers, who in each field help to process the selected materials into unique furniture. The result is a furniture collection that is designed to please and made to last.

With a passion for craftsmanship

At Nielaus, we produce furniture from some of the best Danish designers, and this obliges us to put our passion for the best furniture craftsmanship into each piece of furniture - every time.


Carefully selected materials

We only use the best materials, which are selected with great care and continuously checked using various tests. In this way, we ensure that all raw materials are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality standards.

Our consistent focus on quality involves thorough control at every stage. From the production of foam, wood and steel to the manufacture of frames, the cutting of leather and fabric and the sewing of covers to the upholstery, final assembly and packaging of the finished piece of furniture.

All our employees make a great effort to constantly produce furniture of the highest quality. Thanks to their professional experience as well as great skill and care, we are able to deliver solid and beautiful furniture. We are therefore convinced that our customers will benefit and enjoy their Nielaus furniture for many years.

Environment & sustainability

As one of the only Danish upholstered furniture manufacturers, Nielaus has taken the decisive decision to keep the production of furniture in Denmark. This means that throughout the entire manufacturing process – from design to finished product – we can pursue a targeted policy that places environmental protection considerations and sustainability at the forefront. We would very much like to make our contribution to a better everyday life for both employees and sub-suppliers as well as customers.

For us, sustainability is also about quality. By consistently using the best quality materials processed in a carefully controlled manufacturing process, we have created a furniture range with a long life.

The majority of our sub-suppliers are Danish, and repatriation of raw materials such as frames, foam, wood, steel etc. therefore only minimally affects the climate.

100% Made in Denmark also means that our furniture series are not transported halfway around the world in containers to end up in Danish shops or business premises. We believe that everyone is best served by local production that protects the environment as much as possible. 90% of our customers are thus located within a radius of 300 km from the factory in Denmark.

Facts about selected raw materials:

Foam: The polyurethane foam we use is produced with steam and is CFC-free. Nielaus' PA foam is manufactured according to the strictest environmental requirements and can be reused.

Glue: The majority of the glue we use is water-based.

Leather: No solvents are used to dye our leather qualities. For the past 12 years, Nielaus has worked exclusively with tanneries that have made a strong reduction in the chromium content during tanning.

Fabric: We offer the option of choosing textiles that have the environmental certificates EU-Blomsten DK/16/20 and Økø-Tex Standard 100-6234-4401.

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