Nielaus: Furniture design, quality & craftsmanship since 1959

The Danish furniture manufacturer Nielaus in Bramming has roots all the way back to the first Danish design classics, which created the basis for the unique Danish furniture architecture that is recognized and loved all over the world. For the past 50 years, Nielaus has been a family-owned business, which has continued a solid sense of tradition, Danish furniture design and good craftsmanship.
The story of Nielaus starts all the way back in 1958, when furniture upholsterer Egon L. Lorentzen moved to Bramming. He furthered his education as a furniture architect, and in 1959 he bought Tømmerby Gl. School, where he and his brother Kaj founded the company Jeki Møbler. The company specialized primarily in upholstered furniture with a focus on Danish design and good furniture craftsmanship, several of which have become furniture classics and are produced to this day in the new production facilities at Nielaus in Bramming.
Left: Jeki Møbler, 1964.  Right: Møbelpolster Egen Lorentzen, 1962. Pictures courtesy of Bramming Byhistoriske Arkiv
The London sofa was designed and produced way back in the Jeki era, but the timeless design means that the sofa is still produced at Nielaus today.

Nielaus is a Scandinavian design brand with a long history

In 1973, two employees from Jeki Møbler decide to start their own company and found the company Nielaus Møbler - also in Bramming. The company's distinctive name, Nielaus, is immediately associated by many with the German langauge, but in reality it is simply composed of the owners' surnames, Nielsen and Laursen - which has been put together to form a new word.

Nielaus also produced upholstered furniture with well-known furniture designers, e.g. Swedish John Bertil, who was a significant part of the company's expression. Although you could see the two companies Jeki and Nielaus as competitors, there was nevertheless a close collaboration, e.g. regarding the purchase of various textiles.
Left: Nissen & Gehl back in the 1970s with a typical chair design -  Right: Nielaus design, approx. 1978
Left: Iconic Beo chairs, designed by Nissen & Gehl – Right: Chair from the collection in the 1970s
Walter and Gunhild Frederiksen took over Nielaus in 1982

Nielaus - a family-owned business

Walter Frederiksen, who is the father of the current owners of Nielaus, started at Nielaus in 1975 as an upholsterer and foreman. He saw great potential in Nielaus and their many designer pieces of furniture, and in 1981 Walter Frederiksen took over Nielaus together with one of the original owners to continue the company in a new constellation. The following year, Walter Frederiksen together with his wife Gunhild took over the entire company, and thereafter things went strong for the furniture company Nielaus, when Jeki Møbler merged with Nielaus in 1998, and a few years later all furniture was marketed under the name Nielaus.

A typical furniture design from Nielaus in the early 1980s
Through the 00s, Nielaus expanded and acquired a number of Danish furniture manufacturers: 2001: Lindebjerg Møbelfabrik, 2003: Holstebro Møbelfabrik and in 2007: AP Dreamseat. This gave Nielaus access to unique furniture designs such as the well-known Modo 290 chairs by Steen Østergaard and Fly Relax chair by Ditlev Karstens, which today characterize the profile of Nielaus with modern furniture, proud design and craftsmanship traditions at a very high quality.
Sons Jesper and Kim Nordentoft became owners of Nielaus in 2013

Nielaus – a family-owned company with family values - for 50 years

Nielaus has been a family-owned company since 1982, and sons Jesper and Kim Nordentoft started at a very young age in the company as sweepers on the factory floor. In 2013, a complete generational change was carried out, and Jesper and Kim are today the owners of Nielaus.

For the past 50 years, Nielaus has thus been a family-owned company, and furthermore, the sons have grown up - largely - in the company, which is reflected in their sense of tradition, Danish furniture design and good craftsmanship. This means that the current owners are also "hands on" and are involved in the entire process to ensure that no one compromises on quality and customer experience.

Today, Nielaus collaborates with some of the best Danish furniture designers such as Arne Vodder, Steen Østergaard, Nissen & Gehl, Hee Welling, Ditlev Karsten, Andreas Hansen and Carlo Volf, who have helped to establish Nielaus as one of the leading Danish manufacturers of Danish furniture designs. In 2022, the company employs approx. 30 employees, all of whom interpret the Nielaus culture and the history of furniture manufacturing in the finest way and supported by the strong family values around design, quality and craftsmanship.

Nielaus: Furniture design, quality & craftsmanship since 1959