Nielaus professional

We are specialists in cooperation for professional interior design

Individually adapted designer furniture for your project

At Nielaus, we are known for a close collaboration with professional interior designers, stylists and retailers who want to set a distinctive and exciting expression in the interior. We work with all colours, textiles, leathers and specially adapted furniture for e.g. elderly institutions or restaurants.

All our designer furniture is carefully manufactured by our skilled craftsmen, who have used their professional experience to create a very robust and durable furniture series. It provides a unique quality with durable solutions that invite you to a beautiful and functional interior of an office, hotel, conference, institution, restaurant, home, etc.


An inviting and functional design of office and business premises with colors and shapes helps to create a better working environment. See some of our furniture, which can be delivered in all colors and textile qualities adapted to a modern office.


Hotels and restaurants are increasingly investing in exciting and stylish interior design with furniture that matches the location's profile. Whether it's colorful & creative or classic & subdued - or something completely different...


Make lounge areas inviting and exciting with designer furniture from Nielaus. Play with colors and shapes, and the good craftsmanship creates robust furniture that stays beautiful for many years - and delights guests.


A home must have a personal furniture arrangement. Our furniture series can be adapted to the style and temperament of the individual customer, as we offer every opportunity to play with colors and upholstery to create a completely personal expression in the home.


For institutions and homes for the elderly, it is absolutely essential that the furniture is adapted to the needs and abilities of the residents. We have extensive experience in customizing furniture with e.g. higher seat height, special textiles, etc.

Download photos as well as 2D and 3D files of our furniture and insert our furniture into your sketches

We have extensive experience with professional interior design projects in Denmark and abroad