New sustainable furniture textile with optimal cleaning properties

The sustainability of their furniture is important to Nielaus, and therefore we use, among other things, Comeback textiles from the European manufacturer Keymar.

The textiles are OEKOTEX certified with recycled fibers and produced with minimal consumption of water and energy as well as recycled materials, which are also biodegradable without the emission of toxic gases. It has the lowest CO2 footprint of any upholstery fabric.

At the same time, Comeback textiles have a unique "Care & Clean" treatment, which ensures effective cleaning with ordinary soap and water, as well as the possibility of machine washing. No chemical care products are necessary at all. These "Care & Clean" textiles are manufactured within the EU and are certified according to ISO 14001, and the factory fully recycles their waste such as water.
Sofa: Havanna with Comeback textile from Nielaus

The sustainable Comeback textile from Keymar is available in a myriad of colours

Just water and a clean cloth and possibly a bit general soap cleans Comeback textiles

Foto: Nielaus
Tekst: © Profilers.dk / Claus Hebor, jan. 2021