FLY - well-thought-out ergonomic design combined with Danish furniture craftsmanship

FLY hvilestol nielaus møbler lænestol stol

FLY recliner - with textile & nubuck and a brass frame

FLY recliner in a tailor-made design with brass legs and an exciting combination of textile and nubuck leather from Danish bull hides.

The designer lounge chair FLY is manufactured with a stepless back function and adjustable neck rest. Designer Ditlev Karsten's idea was to create the best ergonomic experience, but in a modern Scandinavian style with many unique details.

In addition to the sculptural metal frame, FLY consists of a core of molded foam, which provides perfect sitting comfort and support. FLY can be delivered in textiles, leather, nubuck in all colors and in combination, i.e. as shown here, a combination of textile and nubuck.

FLY is something rather exceptional - designer furniture with a unique individual expression and perfect seating comfort.

Design: Ditlev Karsten. Production: Nielaus

A little about designer Ditlev Karsten

Ditlev Karsten started his design career in 1976-77 with a sofa, which was put into production by the well-known sofa manufacturer Erik Jørgensen.
Already at this time, his furniture designs were characterized by high quality, solid craftsmanship and based on very simple, Scandinavian forms. It is timeless, Danish furniture design, which is known all over the world.

In 1984, Ditlev Karsten established his own design studio, where he has since worked with a large number of Danish furniture manufacturers. He is the designer of a large number of teak wood furniture for the Scandinavian stores in Germany such as GV Reolen as well as functional and beautiful furniture for Nielaus, Trekanten-Hestbæk, Vantinge and Andersen Furniture.
FLY lænestol hvilestol nielaus nubuck tekstil
FLY leather recliner with footstool from Nielaus

FLY recliner can be delivered in textile, nubuck and leather in all colors or in a combination of these.

Foto: Nielaus
Tekst: © Profilers.dk / Claus Hebor, jan. 2021