Fælledgården Care center with colorful furniture adapted to the Care segment

The care center is arranged in 6 different furnishing areas, each with its own furniture and color composition.
All furniture is adapted to the Care segment with e.g. urine cloth in seat frames, extra leg height and adjustments for better comfort for the elderly.
The care center is the largest in Denmark and has become known for providing our elderly citizens with a modern and comfortable home that adds color and mood to everyday life.
The classic sofa AH 70 is adapted to the elderly with a raised seat height and urinal cover
The Handy System sofa fits perfectly into the stylish environment of the care centre.

Case: Fælledgården Care center, Copenhagen, DK
Category: Care
Interior Designer: Tinne Ottosen
Dealer: Punktum 
Photos: Tinne Ottosen
AV 59, design Arne Vodder
AH 70, design Andreas Hansen 
Jade, design Jade / OMN
Handy System, design P. Henriksen  

AH 59
AH 70