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AV 53 2 Seat sofa

nielaus collection 

 beskaeret AV 53 2 seat

A sense of the original

AV53 is a small furniture series consisting of an armchair and a two-seat sofa. The series was created with a 63 year old design in mind.

The owner of the Danish furniture company Nielaus, Kim Nordentoft, explains:
"The original version of AV53 was designed in 1953 by the Danish architect Arne Vodder, and for many years successfully produced by Ivan Schlechter. A few years back we made the decision together with Arne Vodder, to start a reproduction of the armchair and the sofa, but in an updated version suitable for the way we style our homes today".

Throughout the years, new materials and production methods have created exciting possibilities. With this in mind Arne Vodder redesigned series AV53. As a result, the pieces have an improved comfort and new material choices, all with the same feel as the original design. Unfortunately Arne Vodder was unable to finish the design but Nielaus completed it to launch the AV53 armchair in 2015, and the two-seat sofa just recently in 2016. 

There is a wide selection of fabric and leather covers to choose from for both the armchair and the sofa. Additionally there is an option to get the buttons in contrasting colour, all to your own taste. The legs come in birch, oak, walnut, teak or black lacquered oak. The seat cushion is filled with polyester down and the cover is removable. 

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